Story Slam, February 6

12 January 2015, 22:08

On Friday February 6, 7:00 pm:

Got a story about how a book touched your life? Come to Second Hand Prose Books on Friday the 6th and share it!

The stories will be like the Moth radio series — only shorter, 3–5 minutes each.

“Books” is a pretty wide-open topic. People have already confided that they are thinking about sharing a story on: writing a book, reading one, buying, selling, losing, throwing, dropping in the bathtub, and the time they got booked.

We’ll be collecting voluntary donations at the door; the funds will be used to send books to the Kigali Reading Center of Rwanda. Anne Shaughnessy will be telling a story about her trip and friends in Rwanda.

if you want to tell a story. Pre-Slam coaching will be available for first-timers and those needing a little confidence booster.

Come listen and/or tell a story of your own!