The Penultimate Event at Second Hand Prose Books


On Friday February 6 we held a Story Slam at the bookstore to benefit the Kigali Reading Center of Rwanda. We were honored to have Parfait Gasana, co-founder of the Center, in attendance. Follow the link for photos from the Story Slam, captured by Margaret Burdine.

Story Slam, February 6


On Friday February 6, 7:00 pm:

Got a story about how a book touched your life? Come to Second Hand Prose Books on Friday the 6th and share it!

The stories will be like the Moth radio series — only shorter, 3–5 minutes each.

“Books” is a pretty wide-open topic. People have already confided that they are thinking about sharing a story on: writing a book, reading one, buying, selling, losing, throwing, dropping in the bathtub, and the time they got booked.

We’ll be collecting voluntary donations at the door; the funds will be used to send books to the Kigali Reading Center of Rwanda. Anne Shaughnessy will be telling a story about her trip and friends in Rwanda.

if you want to tell a story. Pre-Slam coaching will be available for first-timers and those needing a little confidence booster.

Come listen and/or tell a story of your own!


“Ben Franklin” Visits Second Hand Prose Books


On Saturday January 17, 7:30 pm:

Q: What would happen if Ben Franklin time-traveled to the 21st century?

A: Ever the newspaperman, he would start a blog, of course.

No subject is off-limits for Ben’s Blog: he tackles global warming, Vladimir Putin, the Olympics, presidential politics, the Kardashians, and more besides!

Come by the store on Saturday evening when Ben’s amanuensis, Tom Nalesnik, will talk about his experiences and sign copies of his new book, Ben’s Blog.


Full House


We had a full house this evening, listening rapt as Mimi Matisse read from her fictionalized memoir “I’m Right Here, With You.” (Click on the thumbnail to open a large version in a new window.)


Mimi Matisse, December 19


Mimi Lutz Writing as Mimi Lutz, Matisse delivers an unstinting memoir of courage and grace.

“I’m Right Here, With You” tells the story of a girl and young woman raised on three continents, in the days when the jet set traveled by ocean liner.

Kirkus Reviews writes of “engaging snapshots” of a life lived “careening from New York to Europe to Miami while struggling with... love and eventual motherhood.”

Join us on Friday evening at 7:00 pm as Mimi reads from her book and talks about her life.

All books in the store will be 10% off during this event.


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