Teachers Get the Credit They Deserve

2 September 2009, 16:55

Thanks to the generosity of our customers, we have established a Teachers’ Fund. We are able to offer any teacher a 50% discount off the usual store price on all books purchased.

This fund was initiated by long-time customer Gloria Palmer, who realized that many teachers purchase books for classroom use out of their own pockets. Gloria donated a substantial amount of her personal store credit for this use. The fund has since been enriched by other caring customers inspired by Gloria's example. These include:

Acton Critter Sitters
Kenton Beerman
Rob Brandon
Trudy Bruschi
Wendy Chen
Mark Cheverie
Barbara Coole
Sally Eldred
Elie George
Lauren Gervais
Mari Haass
Patricia Harpell
Angie Heiser
Roger Holman
Steve Huson
Margaret Johnson
Sharon Kautz
Doris King
Marie Lefebvre
Deb Matthews
Denis Michaud
Sandy Murray
Lynn Newman
Pat Leslie Ochlis
David Pond
Jane Roselund
Carol Sarasin
Lynda Sefton
Melissa Smith
Julie Stein
Glenda Tabaczynski
Lee Weaver
Laura Wool
Beverly Zambarano
and 7 who wish to remain anonymous.