Dushenka’s Talk


Here is a photo from Dushenka Silverfarb's talk. The cider was excellent and we all liked her 10-minute crackers. Especially her daughter. (Click on the photo for a larger version.)

Jerry Sarasin, November 30


Please join us on Saturday November 30 at 3:30 pm when Jerry Sarasin will read from his second novel, Frozen Flamingo Blues, and sign copies for those who ask nicely. The "Yooper" mystery, set on Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the wintertime, features Milo, a down-and-out blues musician. While he is trying to mend his relationship with his long-estranged brother, Milo gets caught between the mob and small-town residents who have hit upon a unique, if illegal, way to subsidize the local economy. Milo then has the bad fortune to fall in love.

Jerry's first book was The Last Deer Hunt: A Yooper Mystery, published in 2008. He grew up on the Upper Peninsula, where they have two seasons: winter and the Fourth of July.


Dushenka Silverfarb, November 24


Dushenka Silverfarb will be sharing the secrets of coping with holiday entertaining. How do you deal with multiple guests who all have differing food restrictions? What do you say when they insist on bringing their own food? How do you get through it all not only with sanity intact, but also with graciousness? Dushenka will illustrate with recipes from her newest book, Model Vegan Holidays.

3:00 pm on November 24 at 30-A Hollis Street in Groton.


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