Tom Begich and Timothy Mason, November 14


Join us on Friday November 14 at 7:00 pm as a traveling troubadour and a local poet make a stop at Second Hand Prose Books in Groton.

Songwriter and poet Tom Begich tells stories. He also speaks truth to power in song and poetry. Tom hails from Alaska and spends much of the year touring the lower 48. He is a modern-day troubadour.

Cambridge poet Timothy Mason collaborated with Tom on the album Bone Collectors.

Their performance together rings with power and authenticity. Download and listen to Rainforest and you'll hear for yourself.

This event has a $10 cover charge at the door.


Journaling Workshop with Molly Salans, November 2


Join us on Sunday, November 2 for Molly’s journaling workshop! 4:00 to 6:00 pm at 30-A Hollis Street, Groton. Molly writes: “Through meditation, poetry, writing prompts, and shared storytelling, I will guide you into a safe, conscious, and creative atmosphere for this wondrous exploration!” Email or call 978-392-5998.

Second Hand Prose Books Invites You to a Parade


Groton's only bookstore requests the pleasure of your company on Sunday September 14, at 1:00 pm for:

The First and Only Annual
Front Porch Swing Processional,
Halloween Preview,
Lemonade And Cookies, and
Thank You Groton Book Party.


We found an old-fashioned porch glider at an antique shop in Connecticut. We left it to the tender ministrations of Becky and Darryl Collins, furniture refinishers and woodworkers just up Hollis Street from the bookstore. They cleaned up the glider and lovingly painted it in the Second Hand Prose Books colors.

In order to thank the town of Groton for the support that allows us to keep the bookstore open, and to celebrate the advent of the community-building glider on our front porch, we are putting on a parade.

We will carry the glider from Becky & Darryl's to the bookstore, a mighty distance of about a tenth of a mile. We want lots of kids involved (grownups too). Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought it might be a good time to preview their costumes: a beta test, as it were. If they have instruments to play while pro-cessing, or drums to bang, that would be welcome.

When we arrive at the store there will be lemonade, tea, cookies, coffee, and of course lots of books -- 10% off store-wide.

We will step off from the sidewalk by the old burying ground on Hollis Street at 1:00 pm.

and hope you can make it!


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